Weight Loss Programs Cork – I can do various different weight loss programs with you depending on the individual nature of your weight issue. The most popular program I do is the world famous HYPNOBAND program. This is where, ultimately, you are hypnotically convinced you have a gastric band. This means that, from now on, you’ll be unable to overeat.

Below you’ll find a description of some of the more popular programs that I do.

Overeating / Emotional Eating Program Cork

For most people who wish to lose weight, they either eat portions that are too large, they snack a lot or they eat because of some emotion like boredom or stress. For most clients in this category, I would use the HYPNOBAND gastric band hypnosis programme.

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Food Addiction Program Cork

For some people who would come to see me, their problem is very much based on addiction. This is normally to sweet things like chocolate, biscuits, cakes, etc., or to junk food or takeaways. Sugar addiction is a very common addiction and can be overcome using my ADDICT NO MORE programme.

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Bad Eating Habits Program Cork

I also find there is a certain group of people for whom their eating habits are the main problem. For instance, people who skip meals, people who eat very quickly or people who, maybe through their upbringing were never taught about healthy eating.

To find out more about the HEATHY EATING HABITS programme, please click here

Motivation Weight Loss Program Cork

Are you one of those people that knows everything about healthy eating, have reasonably good eating habits but for some reason, seem to constantly fall off the wagon. People who fall into this category can regularly be heard saying “I was so good there for a while but it seems to have all faded now”. Or “I never seem to last at healthy eating long term”.

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