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Weight Loss Cork – do you have a weight issue or problem? Are you simply eating too much and never seem to know when you are full? Or are you addicted to some food type like chocolate or junk food? Do you snack a lot, even when you are not hungry at all? Or do you skip meals?

Something Finally Worked

I have been trying for years to lose weight, going on diets constantly and losing a bit only to put it back on again. I always seemed to run out of steam on any diet after a month or two and gave up. It’s 6 months since I started the HYPNOBAND program and I am now down three stone five pounds and my entire relationship with food has changed. Thanks Paul, you’ve changed my life.

Sharon O'Connor

Weight Loss Cork - Why Do I Have A Weight Problem?

More than likely you have a weight problem because you have learned some bad habits and behaviours around food. There is no training course on how to eat when we are young. It's not like learning how to spell or read or write. We learn those things from a teacher who knows the correct way to teach us. Most of our early learning about food comes from our parents and those lessons can be incorrect. How many times have I heard my clients telling me they were told as children to finish their meals? They got the message that they were being good if they cleaned their plate or being bad if they left food.

And then there are the messages we get from diet clubs or from fad diets that promote cutting out certain foods, or skipping meals. We learn from them that there are good foods and bad foods. Or we learn that we should be guilty about eating certain foods. There is even a diet club that labels treats as "syns" (pronounced "sins).

I’m No Longer Addicted To Chocolate!

When I first came to you, over a year ago now, I was five stone overweight and the big problem for me was chocolate. I used to eat a couple of bars every day. There were other things about my eating habits that weren’t great either and we corrected most of those but the best news of all is that I am no longer addicted to chocolate. I can now take it or leave it. I might have one chocolate bar every month or so. Amazing! Thanks so much.

Linda Murphy

Weight Loss Cork - How To Eat Like A Naturally Slim Person

naturally slim weight loss cork

The real goal is not to lose weight but to learn the thought patterns, habits and behaviours of naturally slim people. In other words, if you are 18 stone and you want to be 12 stone, you need to think and act and behave as if you're already 12 stone. In this example, the 12 stone person still eats chocolate or has takeaway - they just have a much more emotionally intelligent relationship with food.

Weight Loss Cork - The HYPNOBAND

The world famous HYPNOBAND program involves a couple of key elements:

  • developing a much better self image (ie. loving your body the way it is right now)
  • powerfully boosting your motivation to exercise
  • removing emotions from food so that food becomes just fuel and no longer a method of comforting yourself or soothing an emotion like stress or boredom
  • dissolving any addiction or compulsion to eat a certain type of food
  • embedding a new thought pattern and new habits about food in your mind so that from now on it seems perfectly natural to feel fuller faster after less food
  • hypnotising you to believe you have a gastric band so that from now on, you just simply cannot overeat

Weight Loss Cork - FREE ASSESSMENT

I offer a free one-hour assessment to everyone enquiring about the HYPNOBAND program. This is because everyone's weight issue is different and I need to assess your individual problem and then tailor the program to suit your individual needs.

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